Conversation of Nino and Julia 1

Nino put the dough into his small oven and put away all the banana peels, biscuit crumbs, etc. He looked at his phone, Julia hadn’t call him yet this morning. Then he touched the button on his screen and called Julia.

“Nino! You know, I just thought that I wanna call you!” Julia’s voice sounds so melodious on his ear every time they are on call.

“I know, but you didn’t so I decided to call you first. Are you eating that cereal again?”

“What do you expect? of course.”

“Don’t eat that too much. I’m making banana loaf and I’m going to your place about an hour”

“You know that I’m so grateful for having you”

“I know.. Jules, are you living your dream?”

“What? Why are you asking me? You know, I am not”

“It’s okay to not living your dream right?” Nino looking at the street from his 6th floor window”

“Nino, some people might living their dream but they’re not happy either. Do you remember Ezra? my friend? He really wants to be an actor but ended up being a teacher. Do you remember him?”

“The one that brought you a big bucket of fried chicken?”

“Yep, andd look at me too! I always want to be a painter but here I am”

“Right.. I watched a Korean show last night and the celebrities, they have their own dreams too but apparently they are not living their dreams.”

“You watch Korean tv show????See.. it’s fun right?”

“I feel like.. I am not doing my best. I don’t have anything to do and it feels so wrong”

“You know what? I’m not going to talk about the amount of money that you have okay. But can you eat with the money that you earn from your job right now?”

“I can.. even though the amount is not big”

“As long as you can earn money just for having 3 meals a day, you have your apartment from brother even though it’s an old flat and stinks but you don’t have to pay for it monthly, you have enough money for you to pay the electricity. It’s enough Nino.. It’s enough. About your dream, you can keep it. Every one is keeping their dream. Some of us can made it and some other don’t. But it’s still okay. If we’re not living our dream now, it’s okay. Life is about preparing the food and sleep anyway”

“Preparing food and sleep?”

“That’s the essential. You work to earn money for your meal, to live. If you go to suburbs, you’ll realize that…. life is about preparing the meal. They cook for breakfast after that, they go to their farm to see the plants that they have planted. They can sell it to the others who need it as their lunch ingredients, and they got money to buy another ingredients. Even people from the past didn’t use money to trade ingredients. Then they cook for lunch, and they sleep, and they cook again for dinner.”

“I see..”

“Is the loaf ready?”

“Not yet. Are you still work from home?”

“Yep.. you?”

“Me too. See you in 45 minutes!”

“Let’s do it together in my place. So you won’t have your thoughts wandering around”

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