Conversation of Julia and Nino 3

Julia checked her phone. It’s 6 am. She blinked several times and twisted her chest and back, right and forth. She tried to release something from her mouth but it didn’t come out. Her throat was itchy. The only thing she wanted this morning was a water mixture of honey and lemon, a typical home remedy her Nana told her. Despite her scratchy throat, she still called someone this morning. Of course, she put her call on loudspeaker while preparing the home remedy.

“Nino? Hi” Julia tried to greet Nino softly. She hate her itchy throat.

“Juless? What happen to your voice??”

“It’s effin itch, Nino!! I hate it. I really want to drink a hot cocoa mint this morning but then I can’t! I have to drink the honey-lemon thing you know?”

“The mixture you made for me last month?”

“Yes. I don’t hate the mixture, but… The cocoa mint will make it worst. Nino, do you mind if I turn on my music player while we talk?”

“that’s okay”

Julia put her mug on the table and turned on the speaker. She laid her body on her bed while looking at her ceiling.

“What is it? Is that REO Speedwagon?”

“Yeah. And I can’t fight this feeeeeling anymoooore~”

“You still singing the song, you forgot that you want to scratch your pharynx so bad” Nino chuckled.

“It’s my favorite!! And why do you use that difficult word? What is it again? fahhrr..”

“It’s Pharynx”

“Yea, whatever. Anyway, I miss my ex”

“Oh, that’s why you’re playing REO Speedwagon?”

“Yeah, we both love this song. Have you ever missed someone, Nino? You miss them like crazy, like you will never meet them anymore in the future. You miss them until you cry?”

Nino didn’t answer. Julia closed her eyes.

“Did you cry last night?”

“No, but yesterday”

“Did you call him?”

“No. I can’t, right? I only told God that I miss him so much. Then I played “Can’t Fight This Feeling” over and over again.”

“Why you can’t call him?”

“He’s my ex!!”


“So… It would be heartbreaking if I told him”

“You’re complicated, Jules”

“Nino, yesterday when I commuted back home, I met an old lady with her granddaughter. I forgot how it started, but we had a small talk”

“Like, where are you going, how old are you, the typical question?”

“Yea, but then I told her that I miss my ex because she told me that she’s going to see her mom in another city. She misses her.”

“Her reaction after you told her?”

“It’s exactly what you said before. I’m complicated. She said ‘oh, you should tell him if you miss him.’ but then I told her that I can’t, because he’s my ex”

“Julia, what makes you afraid of contact him?”

“I don’t know”

“Well, I agree with that little girl on the train. You should call him. You know, just casually tell him ‘hey, how are you? I miss you’ like that. I know you have prestige.. but..”

“I wish I were that little girl. Being an adult is complicated isn’t it? It’s hard. We already have a lot of shitty problems in our lives, we have to pay the tax, insurance, rent, and we just make it more complicated by thinking about other people’s opinion”

“Well, being a human is always hard, Jules. And you make it harder. For yourself»

“You know, maybe I’m almost on my period”

“Yeah, whatever Jules. You always blame your period”

Julia stared at her empty cereal box then she realized that..

“Damn, Nino. I forgot to buy another pack of cereal! Oh, no. I don’t have money left on my wallet”

“Congrats, you only have honey-lemon thing for your breakfast»

«Shit. Nino. Can I come to your house?»


«Tomorrow. I want your peanut butter sandwich. God. I don’t think my salary is enough for me»

«You’re enough, Jules»

«Oh, Nino. All of my friend, their salary is twice of mine!! Can you imagine that? Everytime I call you, I always have my cereal! They have bagels, starbucks, a complete english breakfast!»

«But I’m not»

«Yeah, because you have the most delicious peanut butter sandwich in town. Can we just live together? I want to eat your sandwich for breakfast every morning»

«Tch… whatever»

«Nino. I wanna ask you something. What’s more important to you? A job that give you a lot of money, or a job that doesn’t give you a lot of mental pressure?»

«I want a job that doesn’t give me any pressure. And give me a lot of money»


«Why do you ask this kind of question anyway? It’s a common question but.. you know, everyone has their own priority»

«What’s yours?»



«You know, happiness doesn’t come from the money»

«That’s also a bullshit. That’s what people with money, with a high salary told me»

«But I don’t have a high salary?!»

«Yeah.. I know.. But seeing people with a lot of money can buy anything, I… I want it too»

«Jules, they told you that they prefer a job with no mental a pressure because they already have the money. And it does nothing with their life.»

«Yeah, but they have money»

«You? You have the best job. I mean, your boss is the best boss I’ve ever known. They don’t have it. It does nothing to you too?»

«Well, she does. But, I also need money»

«If you ask your friends, They’re gonna say that yeah, money gives them happiness but they also need a life with no mental pressure. They also need a better boss for them»

«And your point?»

«Being a human is hard. It’s like we will never enough. And you’re right. We’re making it more complicated»

Julia sipped her drink and they both had a moment with their own mind.



«Do you want to come over?»

«Your place?»

«yeah, after work»


«I just wanna give you a hug»

Julia chuckled.

«Do you think I need that?»

«yeah. We’re gonna order pizza»

«Ok, if you say so»

«I’m hanging up now!»

«Okay. See you!»

«Oh, we’re gonna call your ex too by the way»


«oh c’mon. You miss him»

«I’m hanging up!»

Julia stared at her phone and scrolled her phone screen. She was looking for a phone number.

Writing for therapy?

Writing for therapy?