Conversation of Julia and Nino 2

Another rough day for Julia. She really wanted to sleep but instead she called that person again.

“Hello? Nino! Are you home?”

“Jules! Yes, I’m drinking my orange juice now”

“You know, Nino, you should eat the fruit rather than buy and drink the juice. It’s healthier”

“You’re being my health consultant again”

“You know, the Corona virus is spreading right now. Keep the mask on”

“Sure, you too”

“It’s scary”


“the COVID virus. It’s spreading like influenza but it can make someone die. Scary as hell. I saw a news.. oh sorry, I called you twice today”

No worries” Nino had no problem with it. Because sometimes Julia calls her twice a day, morning and night.

“I saw a news today about the corona virus quarantine. Do you know,there’s a Japanese Cruise Ship and almost all the crewmen and the passengers are infected by the virus?’’

«the Diamond Princess?»

«Yes! Can you imagine? You’re in a vacation. You isolate yourself in a cruise that sail in the ocean because you thought you can escape the reality. But there’s a person inside the cruise that infected by the virus and you can’t go anywhere except jump into the water and get chewed and killed by a shark! If you don’t, just wait until you get infected too by the COVID you can die too by it. That’s another reality you have to face.»

«yes, but I heard, there are some Indonesian citizens in the cruise and they’re not infected»

«I know! I saw the news in the television about the quarantine program by Indonesian government. Indonesia is an archipelago, there’s a lotttt of islands. Then the government decided to place the Indonesian passengers in an inhabited island. It’s really a small island! Can you imagine that?! How can they sleep there? What if they need to eat vegetables or fruit? Is there electricity in that island? Oh and the reporters, they cannot go to the island to check their conditions directly. They have to report and monitor their conditions from another island, next to that Sabure island?»

«You mean Sebara Island»

«Oh yes! Sebara island! Isn’t that sounds a bit like a movie? They’re isolated in an inhabited island. Everyone around them, I mean the crew of that evacuation program all were wearing a full body protection»

«It is really like a movie. Do you know that North Korean Government shot the person that infected by the COVID?»

«yes! that’s crazy. I mean, I’ve never imagined it really happens in a real world»

«but it is happening»

Julia laid down on her stomach.



«If the virus was purposely made to decrease the population, it’s scary. It’s spreading like crazy. Why do they want it anyway?»

«you know, just like Thanos. You need to ask him»

«Are we talking about Thanos again?»

«Jules, don’t forget to lock the door.»

«Right, thanks! I almost forgot»

«Jules, what will happen if people being isolated?»

«to the virus?»

«no, to the people themselves. What will happen to them?»

«I don’t know… but I hope they’re okay»

«Jules, do you think this virus will stop spreading? I mean, will it disappear? Or it will be like influenza? We normalize the influenzas because we know the prevention and the medicine»

«I don’t know.. really. I don’t know. I was thinking about it too. When numerous people died, it scares me»

«Have you read about the genocide in India?»

«yes, It is scary too, Nino. Do you know about the Armenian genocide?»

«I think I know. And about another genocide in Myanmar. All those genocide was religion-based, right?»

«People with religion can be evil too, Nino»

«It’s weird isn’t it? People told us that religion is a guide for life. But why do people kill because they think their religion is better than the others?»

«It is not because of their religion isn’t it? It is because they’re human?»

«what do you mean?»

«Human is scary.»

«Jules, Do you know the song imagine by John Lennon?»

«your favorite, of course I know»

«the lyrics, how do you think about it?»

«That he thought if there’s no religion, we could live in peace?»

«yes.. how do you think?»

«I think, we will still hear about the genocide. Because I don’t know, I’m sure there’ll be another reason to fight each other. It’s not only about the religion. It’s deeper than that»

«oh I thought the genocide by religion is already deep»

«no. What’s deeper? I think the human nature is the real reason of the scene. But religion is the one triggering human»

«I don’t get it, Jules»

Julia started to undress herself and changed her clothes.

«Me too»

She laid on her bed and stared at the photo on her table. The photo of her and Nino.

«I think I need a rest»

«Have a good rest, Jules.»

«You too.»

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