Nino put the dough into his small oven and put away all the banana peels, biscuit crumbs, etc. He looked at his phone, Julia hadn’t call him yet this morning. Then he touched the button on his screen and called Julia.

“Nino! You know, I just thought that I wanna…

Nino just came back from his monthly grocery shopping. He put the paper bag on his stool near the kitchen. His apartment is not big, just… effective.

His phone rang and he knew who’s calling him in this morning, Julia.

“You wake up?”

“Of course I am! Bobby sit beside me while waving his tail. What are you doing?”

“just came back from grocery shopping”

“right, I forget to buy cereal! okay I’m going to the supermarket now”

“typical Julia”

“Nino, last night I scrolled up my instagram timeline and story and ended up to a financial advisor account”

“Well…It…. sucks”

Julia stared at her ceiling blankly. Being at home for a whole week made her gather all her scattered thoughts but it only made her more anxious. She closed her eyes and sang.

“Here, making each day of the year
Changing my life with a wave of her hand
Nobody can deny…

After poured her bowl pop tarts cereal and her chocolate milk in a different glass, Julia poured her cat, Bobby, his breakfast this morning. She ate her dry cereal, just like her Bobby. A serene morning just like any other day called-self-quarantine days. It had been a week since the…

Julia checked her phone. It’s 6 am. She blinked several times and twisted her chest and back, right and forth. She tried to release something from her mouth but it didn’t come out. Her throat was itchy. The only thing she wanted this morning was a water mixture of honey…

Another rough day for Julia. She really wanted to sleep but instead she called that person again.

“Hello? Nino! Are you home?”

“Jules! Yes, I’m drinking my orange juice now”

“You know, Nino, you should eat the fruit rather than buy and drink the juice. It’s healthier”

“You’re being my…

Julia held her mug of cold chocolate milk and put it on her table. The table was not messy nor well-organized. It’s enough to place her mug, her laptop, her book, a bowl of cereal, and other important things (not important, but miscellaneous). Just like the other morning, Julia started…


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